Ken Barker Senedd 2021 Pontypridd Constituency Candidate

Ken Barker


Ken Barker, a Cardiff resident and community activist, has represented the Wales Green Party in Senedd, General, and council elections, including at the 2016 Pontypridd Senedd election.

Ken has a background of working for a local community development charity, developing projects for engagement with local residents, arts and cultural events, and local environmental improvements. And, as a transport campaigner and cycling advocate he has helped to shape policies and practices to support cycling and walking, to help transform the places where we live and want to live.

Ken said, "These elections are an opportunity to add a Green Voice in the Senedd, to hold the Welsh Government to account on its Wellbeing of Future Generations commitments to address the climate and ecological threats we face. We pledge especially to represent young people and foreign citizens who live and work in Wales, who have not previously had a vote in Senedd elections despite their contributions to Welsh society. We all have a stake in the regeneration and sustainability of our local and regional economies, in our public services, industry, retail, transport, and agriculture. "

In his work as an active trade unionist, Ken has called for a 'just transition' to a green economy in Wales, including workplace representation and protection as we develop the strategies for the future. "There can be no environmental justice without social and economic justice", he said.