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Flooding and the Climate Emergency

At a time of Climate Emergency extreme weather events such as the recent storms are going to occur with increased frequency. We have known this for many years and the level of preparation and mitigation measures have been proved inadequate once more.

While agreeing that the level of investment in flood defences across Wales has been insufficient, we would also question whether the most appropriate and effective measures are always used. Much more needs to be done in terms of Natural Flood Management measures. This is an issue that we have campaigned on across Wales with local community groups and environmental organisations. We would urge the government and public bodies, such as Natural Resources Wales, to work in more collaborative ways with local communities, giving them a meaningful voice in planning for future climate crisis scenarios.

While we welcome the declarations of Climate Emergencies at every level of government in Wales these recent events highlight the need for bold climate action. Business as usual is no longer an option.



To keep the party operating and to bring people together during lock-down we will have alternating meetings on zoom, both on a monthly basis;

- Officers meeting to deal with business - which any member is welcome to attend

- More social get-togethers around a wide discussion theme for all to bring views, perspectives and experiences.

The first on 20 April at 7pm, will be a chance to hear from members of your thoughts and experiences arising from the pandemic.

What has this revealed about our societies, economies and our world? What will/could this change?

How might this inform Green Party messaging and themes going forward?

Here is a sample piece from a commentator summarising some immediate thoughts -

If you are a Green Party member or registered supporter you will be emailed a a link to each zoom meeting. If you want to be registered as a supporter and join our open meetings send an email request to:


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