Helen Westhead Senedd 2nd List Candidate & Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency Candidate

Helen Westhead

Tik Tok

Helen is an Environmental Consultant living in Grangetown, Cardiff. She has been working in the renewable energy sector for over 15 years and is well known in the profession for her advocacy in green energy policy and leading the net zero transition Wales. In her career she has delivered more than 500MW of consents for onshore wind and continues to support renewable energy projects on the Welsh woodland estate. Recently, she has been working with Welsh Government to help deliver better charging for electric vehicles in Wales.
Helen champions women in the sector and was nominated for ICE Top 50 Women in Engineering. She believes that equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental to tackling climate change and provides a voice for underrepresented groups.
Helen stood for Council elections on behalf of the Green Party in 2017, and sits on the policy committee to develop the pathway to net zero.
At home Helen enjoys organic gardening, martial arts, running, cycling, and baking with her three-year-old son. At the start of the pandemic she established Grangetown Community Plant Share to provide a support network for the local community to grow at home.
Helen states that ‘I am standing for Senedd elections because I passionately believe that Greens have an obligation to society to be bold and outspoken at this critical time.’