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Your regional Green Party - for people, for planet, for South Wales Central

About us, and what we stand for - a detailed introduction

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Green Party covers the whole of the Welsh Government's South Wales Central electoral region. We represent Green Party members, voters, and supporters in eight Welsh Assembly Constituences, along with all members of their communities. Our region is both urban and rural in character, with the villages and hamlets of the Vale, the port of Barry and City of Cardiff, and the medium sized towns of Rhondda Cynon Taf. The full range of the UK's current economic activity is represented - with the public sector, service industries, small to medium enterprises, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining related activities. There is great wealth and extreme poverty - with some of Wales' most affluent areas and also some of the most deprived. Our region's largest population centres are Cardiff, Barry, Pontypridd, and parts of the Valleys. The area is one of Wales' most heavily and densely populated, with over 700,000 residents in total and more that 775 people per square kilometre.

Meetings are held each month, throughout the year, in central Cardiff.  There is also a busy and well supported student group at Cardiff University - and a growing informal members' group in  the Vale of Glamorgan. Both of these also hold regular meetings. Details of these party and group meetings, along with other gatherings for our members and supporters will be posted on the News and Events sections of this website, and information emailed out to those on our lists. Please see the Contacts page, if you wish to get in touch with us. Those who use social media can also learn about meetings and events from Facebook and Twitter. The Cardiff and Vale Green Party makes its presence known at rallies, demonstrations, lobbying events, and in other forms of activism, in our own region, throughout Wales, and across the UK. In local terms, we are currently active in campaigns against the very real threat of fracking (in the Vale and Rhonddha Cynon Taf), bedroom tax, TTIP, greenfields housing development, and open-cast coal mining. We are also campaigning in favour of solar farms and other renewable energy projects, energy efficient housing, and the development of greater recycling resources.

Cardiff and the Vale Green Party supports local communities through a wide of activities that promote equality, diversity, and social justice, along with our core environmental concerns. In recent years, our growth has enabled us to field candidates in all the wards of Cardiff City Council, and many others in the region, while in the 2015 General Election Green Party members and supporters in all of our region's Westminster constituencies were able to vote for a candidate of their own party. 

In the General Election on June 8th, the Greens will step up and offer a real political alternative to the major parties that have traditionally dominated all levels of local, regoional, and national government in Wales.

We have an established track record of working with local residents, through helping individuals and groups with everything from bedroom tax appeals, personal independence payment assessments, and replacing lost waste-bins, to regenerating a community centre. At present, some of our members are heavily involved in saving their local branch libraries from closure, through community asset transfers, lobbying, and fundraising - while others actively support local food producers, community orchards, nature reserves, community allotments, and other environmental initiatives on their doorsteps. All of this community involvement has strongly reaffirmed our commitment to genuine and direct local democracy. We believe that local people know what is best for their own communities . As well as our long term ideological vision, we are fully committed to the practical politics of readily and rapidly implemented on-the-ground solutions. The Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Green Party has seven main political priorities:-

  • Building a Green Economy

  • Opposing cuts & defending valuable public services

  • Developing Participatory Budgeting Schemes to promote local direct democracy

  • Tackling fuel poverty

  • Addressing community demands for cleaner streets

  • Setting communities at the heart of policing

  • Building a public transport system that best suits our region's needs. 

Come and join us at our events and meetings, get involved in our broad range of political and community activism, or perhaps take up a role in the running, promotion, and development of your local Green Party. In the last year, we have seen spectacular growth in membership and our best ever election results - with more opportunities to consolidate our growth and success coming our way over the next two years. This is a very exciting time for us - and also a daunting and vexing one:- with the continuation of austerity; further public service cutbacks; humanitarian and social justice crises deepening across the UK and world; increasing clamour for electoral reform; and the looming spectre of extreme enegry solutions like fracking - some of them planned within the Cardiff and Vale Green Party region. Also, with the rise of the new right, and the rightward shift of the UK government, there has never - since the 1930's - been a more important time for those who believe in protecting the environment, fighting for social justice, and in serving the common good to stand up and be counted. 

As our 2015 Cardiff Central candidate, and treasurer, Christopher van Ruhland commented, upon receiving that constituency's highest ever Green vote share in the 2015 General Election:- 

"I'm delighted that people in Cardiff are beginning to get the strong, positive message that the Green Party stands for. This election has been mostly about fear, courtesy of the larger Parties. Positive politics, that places people and planet before profit, is long overdue. Our time is coming."

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