24 April 2019

Wales Green Party announce lead candidate for EU election

Wales Green Party leader and lead candidate, Anthony Slaughter with Caroline Lucas MP, former co-leader of the Green Party


Wales Green Party are pleased to announce that their lead candidate in the forthcoming European Parliament elections will be the current leader of the party in Wales, Anthony Slaughter.

Anthony has been actively involved in Green politics for over a decade, both locally in Cardiff and the surrounding area, and nationally across Wales. He has previously served two terms as Wales Green Party deputy leader and has represented the party as an election candidate in many elections at every level including parliamentary, Welsh Assembly and local authority.

Mr Slaughter has lived in Penarth, in the Vale of Glamorgan, for the last 15 years where he works as a garden designer. Locally, he has long been engaged with community based environmental group Gwyrddio Penarth Greening. This involvement has included initiatives such as establishing a community orchard, a local food festival and promoting sustainable public transport. 

On a national level Anthony has engaged actively with a diverse range of activist groups over many years including Extinction Rebellion, the People's Assembly, 20's Plenty for Wales and many more.

Anthony Slaughter said,

 ' I am proud and excited to have this opportunity to represent Wales Green Party in the European elections in May.

Not only are we the party that has always been committed to remaining in the EU and consistently supported a People's Vote on any final Brexit deal, but a vote for the Greens in this election is also a vote for the only party that truly recognises the urgent priority for bold action on the accelerating climate emergency and the need for major economic transformation of our profoundly unequal society.'

The full Wales Green Party list for the EU election on 23 May is, in order, Anthony Slaughter, Ian Chandler, Ceri Davies and Duncan Rees.

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