Local elections

Why not stand for election? Without Green candidates we can't win those vitally important council seats!

"In May 2017,voters will go to the polls to elect their next set of councillors for Cardiff County Council, Vale of Glamorgan Council and Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council. Political parties across the regions will be busy selecting candidates and we are no exception. Our aim is to gain our very first seats on these councils and we want you to help make it happen. Our local parties have strong campaigning histories and our members have excellent records of local community activism.

2017 is shaping up to be an important year in Welsh politics. With both Labour and the Tories in disarray and Brexit looming, it is more important than ever to get green voices into elected positions in Wales. Local politics has become more important than ever, but with the Tory government imposing larger and harsher cuts on local council budgets, Wales need councillors who will safeguard vital services and protect local environments. Wales needs Green Party councillors.

Whether you're a Wales Green Party member, a community activist or both, why not consider standing for election in a local council ward in Cardiff, the Vale or Rhonda Cynon Taf? As well as gaining election experience you can be part of a vibrant team of Green Party candidates promoting our policies on the doorsteps and helping us gain those vital first councillors. If you have any questions, want to stand as a candidate or volunteer in another way (such as canvassing, leafleting, managing campaigns etc) let us know and we'll get in touch with information."

Michael Cope - Cardiff Green Party Equality and Diversity Officer, Wales Young Greens activist, and by-election candidate


Our latest candidates 

- Michael Cope

- Anthony Slaughter

Scroll down for information on each candidate


Michael Cope - candidate for Cardiff City Council Llanishen Ward by-election, 4 May 2017

Michael Cope is the newly selected Wales Green Party candidate for Llanishen ward, in the 4 May 2017 council elections. Michael stood in the recent Plasnewydd by-election for which he was a highly active and highly committed campaigner. Now he is running for a Cardiff Council seat on his home ground, having been brought up in Llanishen, where he still lives. Michael has a solid history of activism,both as a student and an officer of Cardiff Green Party (where he holds the Equality and Diversity Portfolio). Michael campaign long and hard to win the Llanishen seat and hopes to serve the people of his native ward through his profound knowledge and personal experience of the issues facing the ward. If you live there, then you'll meet him soon. 

Michael Cope - Cardiff Green Party Candidate for Llanishen Ward, May 2017

Watch this space for a downloadable version of Michael's campaign leaflet, and poster.


Anthony Slaughter - candidate for Vale of Glamorgan Council St Augustine's Ward by-election, 4 May 2017

Anthony Slaughter is the Cardiff Green Party 2017 local election candidate for this ward in Penarth. Anthony is a well known community activist in the area, having put in many years of service. The numerous local projects in which he has played a leading role include a recent Twenty's Plenty road safety campaign and Penarth Greening. Anthony is the expert and knowledgeable veteran of many by-election, National Assembly for Wales, and Westminster constituency campaigns, having stood as a candidate at all of these levels. He has also been Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party for a number of years, and currently holds the position of Campaigns Officer for Cardiff and Vale Green Party. 

Anthony Slaughter - Cardiff Green Party Candidate for St Augustine Ward, May 2017

Please take a few minutes to read Anthony's Candidate Statement: -

"Next year's Local Authority election is a crucial moment for Cardiff Green Party. As the selected candidate for the St Augustine's ward I am already canvassing and campaigning in the area together with a dedicated campaign team to ensure our electoral success next May. St Augustine's is one of the two priority wards for Wales Green Party next year and in the event of a snap General Election we would have an opportunity to raise our profile further in the area with focussed campaigning which is why I am putting myself forward as the candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency.

I have been an active member of the Green Party, both locally and nationally for several years, serving two terms as Deputy Leader of Wales Green Party, and am currently Campaigns Coordinator for the Cardiff branch. During this time I have gained valuable experience at promoting our values and policies to a wide variety of audiences. I have represented the Green Party many times at live events and on national broadcast media, both television and radio. I have extensive experience of election campaigns at all levels having stood as the candidate for St Augustine's in the 2012 Local Authority election and as a parliamentary candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth in both the 2012 by election and 2015 General Election. Both elections saw a significant increase in the Green Party vote. I also represented the constituency in this year's Assembly election and was a list candidate for the South Wales Central region.

I have lived in the St Augustine's ward for over a decade and have a long history of active engagement with a wide range of community initiatives and local campaigns. I served over three years as chair of the local community environmental organisation Gwyrddio Penarth Greening which involved leading on several practical grassroots community projects including organising the planting of a Community Orchard and establishing the Penarth Local Food Festival. I am currently sitting on the Penarth Tree Forum which aims to work with the local council to establish a long term tree strategy for the town.

As the Green Party candidate I will continue to build on this experience and work tirelessly, together with the many active local members over the coming months to raise our profile within the constituency and achieve electoral success in next year's election."

Watch this space for a downloadable version of Anthony's campaign leaflet, and poster.


As we select further candidates for 2017, we will also post information and pictures on this page.

If you are passionate about seeing Green Party Councillors on Cardif City Council, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, or Rhondha Cynon Taf County Borough Council from May 2017, then why not volunteer to support one or more of our candidate's campaigns - or why not stand yourself?