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Cardiff and Vale Green Party


General Election 8th June 2017

Cardiff and the Vale Green Party will be fielding candidates in three of the five constituencies covered by the local party. These are Cardiff South and Penarth, Cardiff Central and the Vale of Glamorgan.

While Theresa May’s April announcement of a snap election revealed a deep dishonesty at the heart of her government, and a cynical, opportunistic disregard for the people of the UK, the Greens have welcomed this opportunity to offer the electorate a bold, positive vision for a different kind of society and the chance to vote for a better Britain.

Given the short notice and limited campaigning period, following a long hard fought Local Authority election campaign, Cardiff and the Vale Green Party have decided to focus energy and resources on the three constituencies where support has been building constantly over recent years. 


Our Candidates

Cardiff South and Penarth: Anthony Slaughter 


Anthony SlaughterAnthony has lived in Penarth for over thirteen years and works locally as a garden designer. He has a long history of grassroots community activism, from campaigning for clean air and safe 20mph speed limits in urban areas to organising the popular Penarth Local Food Festival. He has been the Green Party candidate for the area in elections at all levels, locally and nationally, since 2012, and the Green’s share of the vote has improved at each election.

Highlighting the Green Party’s policies for this election campaign, Anthony said ‘Our response to the growing threat of climate change must be at the heart of all government policy. We must protect the natural world which is our life support system, for our children, for our future. The Greens are offering voters a different vision for the future with strong policies on climate change, the environment and tackling the increasing social inequality across our society. 

Greens will push to ensure that Wales plays its part in the inevitable clean, green energy revolution. Our policies will create an economy that works for all and a true citizen’s democracy, where all votes count, giving people a real say in their future. This is more important than ever as we determine our future relationship with the European Union.’

Follow Anthony on twitter:    @as_penarth

Cardiff Central:  Benjamin Smith


Ben Smith

Ben is 19, and a second year student at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He has lived in Cardiff for a couple of years and feels that he has really found a home in the city. He grew up in Plymouth, the eldest of 3 brothers. They all support different Political Parties, so Ben is no stranger to a frank exchange of views. He is a keen reader, musician and footballer, and volunteers for a mental health organisation called "7 Cups of Tea" 

Speaking of his campaign Ben said ‘I want to stand for the Green Party in this election, because I wanted to give the people of Cardiff Central a Green voice in this election. I think that we as a Party, and I as an individual, can offer an option that no other can compare to at this election. I look forward to the campaign in the coming weeks.’

Follow Ben on twitter:    @bsmithgreens

Vale of Glamorgan: Stephen Davis Barker


Stephen Davis-BarkerStephen Davis-Barker is 29 and has lived in Barry all of his life. He is a self-employed small businessman and a lifelong advocate of ‘green’ ethics.

Before becoming self-employed, Stephen worked as a manager in two large high street retail businesses.  Recently he stood as a Green candidate in the local elections. A keen cyclist, he is currently training for an Ironman Triathlon.

Stephen has life skills and experience in many diverse areas including small business, youth, education, social housing, health and LGBTIQA+.  He feels he is qualified to make a real difference as a Green Party candidate and offer a credible alternative to the failing mainstream party government.

Stephen is well aware of the feeling of disenfranchisement that many people have with politics, in particular the young. He will make it his priority to reach out and encourage those to play a real, engaged and active part in the determination of their future.

Stephen said ‘Momentous changes have occurred on the global political landscape over the last few years and I feel that it is vital that the right decisions are made now and policies applied at this critical time to safeguard our communities, country and planet. We must not miss this window of opportunity for people to engineer decisive change for our common good.’

Follow Stephen on twitter:    @GreenPartyVale

For more detailed information on your regional Green Party visit our South Wales Central Greens page. See also the list of links below, for other sources of information 


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