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Cardiff and Vale Green Party

Welcome to the NEW website for Green Party Members and Supporters in Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, and Rhondda Cynon Taf

This is the new website for Cardiff and the Vale Green Party, covering all areas within the Welsh Government's South Wales Central electoral region. Please bear with us, as our site is still very much under construction, with constant development ongoing for the foreseeable future. We did consider getting the whole website set up perfectly before launch, but then we realised that we have plenty of important news and information that needs to be communicated sooner rather than later. We also have plenty of awesome photos to add, but choosing between them is so difficult! 

If you are Green Party member or supporter living in the Cardiff Council area, in the Vale of Glamorgan, or Rhondda Cynon Taf then this site will carry all the news, events, contact details, and information that you'll need to get yourself active in the Green Party, or just keep yourself informed of our policies, philosophy, practices, and activities. There'll also be plenty of content on all of the issues that the Green Party tries to address, from climate change to social justice, from promoting equality and diversity to opposing extreme energy solutions on our doorstep, such as incinerators, fracking, and open-cast mining. In short everything that is embodied in our passionate belief that government should be fully democratic and at all times serve the common good of all people - and the conservation of our local, national, and global environment.

We would encourage all of members and supporters in South Wales Central to attend outr meetings and get involved, and there is no better time. There will be by-elections to contest, we are currently selecting our candidates for the May 5th 2016 National Assembly for Wales elections. There are a whole range of current campaigning issues in which our members can get involved, covering - to name just a few - climatre change and wider environmentalism, social justice, democratic reform, combatting austerity, and promoting both equality and diversity across our entire richly varied community.

You can visit the People and Contact pages of this website to get in touch with the Cardiff and Vale Green Party, and go to the events and News pages to find out what meetings you can attend - and also what campaigning, canvassing, volunteering, and socialising opportunities are on offer. You will be very warmly welcomed, and we will be delighted if you came along and joined us in any of our activities. As the Green Party grows and develop, active members have more exciting opportunities than ever before to take a really meaningful role in shaping this organisation - increasing the scope and range of its activities while equipping it with an every more essential resource bank of skills, knowledge, and passion. You can be a highly valued part of all this - as we undertake ongoing campaigning and community work, while also contesting elections at different level.

The links at the foot of this and every page will also connect you to other Green Party related websites, and also let you know where to find Green Party pages and feeds on Facebook and Twitter - where you can also pick up loads of information about us, about all that we stand for, and about everything that we're actively involved in at this time. These will be especially useful to you while we build this website.

For more detailed information on your regional Green Party visit our South Wales Central Greens page. See also the list of links below, for other sources of information 


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